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Criticism needn’t be so critical

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I believe that words are defined by consensus. If enough people believe in the meaning of a word, it becomes one of the meanings of that word. It isn’t necessarily the sole meaning of that word – some words, of course, mean many things. The word might be ‘selfie’ or ‘yolo’, or it may even be ‘criticism’ or ‘review’.

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Open your eyes to the light

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Having booked tickets to see it for a fourth time, I think it’s probably necessary that I explain my apparent obsession with The Light Princess. Of course, one of the marvellous things about theatre is that if you have the money to see something more than once (and with the National’s £5 EntryPass and £12 Travelex and day tickets it seems I do…), you’re more than entitled to do so. But let’s face it, four visits to The Light Princess is excessive, perhaps verging on obsessive.

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Alternate Reality Theatre

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Academics love the coining of new terms, but practitioners rarely greet them with enthusiasm. But sometimes a term is necessary to define something that has never needed to be defined before. That is not to say that works of ‘alternate reality theatre’ have never been produced before, but rather that the focus of these works have not been in challenging the foundations of reality, as ART inevitably does by its very nature.

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